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Savannah Fox
Sexual Domination Match Savannah vs Justin

Justin didn't do well at all against Savannah in the submission match, but, he is ready for some pay back. It is a sexual domination match and he is ready to pound Savannah silly and regain his pride. It looks like he might actually do it, he gets Savannah in a few good positions and fucks her hard, and shoves his cock down her throat a few times for good measure, Justin is young, and really ready to fuck and after on face sit by Savannah he dominates the early part of the match, totally having his way with Savannah. But Savannah lets him get all worked up and then begins to turn the tables, mocking him, he gets a few good poundings in but in the end she is toying with him and uses her strong thighs and big ass to head scissor and face sit Justin until he eats her pussy to orgasm. She gives him a pity jerk off and leaves him covered in his own cum.

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